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Home: Striving for integration: a portfolio content analysis
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Title:      Striving for integration: a portfolio content analysis
Categories:      Action in Teacher Education
BookID:      JA1456
Authors:      Zidon: Margaret
ISBN-10(13):      NOISBN0JA1456
Publisher:      N/A
Edition:      Vol.18: No.1: Spring 96
Number of pages:      0
Owner Name:      AIE librarian
Owner Email:      librarian@library.aie.edu.pk
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      no-img_eng.gif

Item Description
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  • Journal Title :: Action in Teacher Education
  • Journals :: 0162-6620
  • Serial No# :: JA1456
  • ISBN :: NOISBN0JA1456
  • Year :: 12/10/1996
  • Subject :: Portfolios in preservice teacher education: what the students say
  • Author :: Zidon: Margaret
  • Publisher :: N/A
  • Vol . and Issue :: Vol.18: No.1: Spring 96
  • Pages # :: 59-70 p.
  • Section :: Action in Teacher Education
  • Language :: English
Book owner:      librarian